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Data Protection agreement

Our privacy policy

Data controller

The director of YWAM Norway (Norwegian organisation number 994 890 883), has overall responsibility for the organisation’s processing of personal data. The day-to-day data processing and responsibility for follow-up is delegated to the base leaders of the organisation. The statement contains information which you have a right to when data is collected from our website (Personal Data Act § 19) and general information about how we process personal data. (Personal Data Act § 18 part 1).


The organisation gathers information abut you that is used to manage our relationship to you. For example we may send you a newsletter and other, relevant information, including invitations to camps, courses, and opportunities to support our work.

Our work is multifaceted, and different departments need to store different information. Some examples of the type of information we store about you can be (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Name and address

  • Telephone number

  • E-mail address

  • Norwegian personal number (for tax exemption)

  • Contact person (in case of accident)

The judicial basis for processing personal data is given according to consent (point 1) and fulfillment of the agreement (point 2).

How is the data collected?

Personal data is usually collected directly from you by forms on the organisation’s website; when you register for camps, conferences, and courses; and when you register as a recipient of newsletters or magazines.

Giving personal data is voluntary, but we can be hindered in giving you access to information and invitations if we lack this information.

If you give a financial gift, or pay YWAM Norway for something, then this information is also stored in our accounting system.

How is the data stored?

The information is stored in our CRM system run by Profundo, as well as in the registration system we use. 

Some information is stored on paper in ring binders, but this will only be kept for a short period, and only if necessary. Such information is kept in a locked place.

We have signed a data processing contract with the providers we use, who assure secure storage and treatment of personal data.

Handover of information to third parties

Personal data can be handed over to third parties when it is necessary with regards to an agreement. For example, when you order tickets we will have to reveal parts of your personal data. Personal data will perhaps be shared with other YWAM bases both nationally and internationally. We will not share your personal data with other organisations.

Notification of changes

YWAM Norway can amend this personal data statement. The most updated version will always be available on our websites. Last update was 28 August 2018.


You have a right to demand access to the personal data we manage about you, and how it is managed. You can also demand correction, deletion, and put limits on the management of your personal data according to the Personal Data Act.

Contact us below with any questions or concerns.

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